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[a yellow stamp in left hand corner reading VOTES FOR WOMEN NEW JERSEY WOMEN VOTED 1776-1807 WHY NOT NOW] see Sadie's secy book JONES STONE VY YARD RIDGE BERKEY ND ON STREET

EQUAL SUFFRAGE LEAGUE OF NORFOLK MRS, W J ADAMS, PRESIDENT 601 COLONIAL AVENUE NORFOLK VIRGINIA TREASURER - MRS. C C COUPER 208 BOTETOURT APT. AS'T TREA. - MISS FLORENCE WHITEHEAD 223 28TH STREET HONORARY VICE-PRESIDENTS: MISS ELLEN DUVAL MRS. BARTON MYERS MRS. CAREY WESTON Order of the Day for Jan 9. 1914 & 16th Appointment of sergeant at arms and referee in parliamentary law Mimits of meetings Dec 19 & 25 1913 & Jan 2 1914 & 9th Treasurer's report since Dec 19th Reports of Committees Literature Com Miss Wallace Membership com Mrs. Stone - reminded them of the slogan 1000 members by next Oct. which means an average of 20 new ones each week Lecture & Ent Com Mrs Adams what in future? Finance Com please get workers & get together ask for volunteers on each committee Press com Mrs Everhart - yearly report in paper.

Unfinished business Officers com congratulations ect Miss Duvall's by-law will be put at next meeting also another by-law as to time of elections members please take notice & be ready

New business appointment of Miss Wallace librarian Key at Hotel desk - ask for it & return it - place card in place where book is taken out Ask of for donations of books

Blackboard "Educate, agitate, Legislate" Want blackboard bring in green room tonight with etc committee appointed How many have written legislators? Divide our members into wards Appoint committee in each ward to see councilmen of that ward personally - have talks with him - send him literature etc ask Miss Wicker to get that ready for next time

Introduction Mr Williams Mention Hairdresser