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what I moved have had others do unto 0illegible] standing by in a crisis of a demonstration & giving much needed aid. }I could not desert a brave soldier, when the enemy was pouring in like a flood" Of course I know my [office]r is closed, but I can lose nothing I know by doing the Army that obviously seemed the right course. I feel confident that Mrs. Whitehurst is now on to upward road, but see as I have her "arms held up". When I get back I can & will explain all [?]yn - and in the meanwhile please do not join to others re [critreislny] me Just keep quiet. I think of you often wish you were here tho as it is I would have very little time to be with you. I am learning many things, having many privileges that the work I am doing leads me into so even now I am being rewarded in a way that will help the whole field. I am so happy over the completion of the bridge, as if to were my own.