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1. Va Bill of Rights - attempts to secure the ballot - early women - U.S. Const suffrage fight - 70 yrs - women chattels - benefits denied - organization 2. League of W. Voters organized - Why - when - how 3. Purpose - education for citizenship - efficiency in Gov. Policy - nonpartisan - vote is the expression of opinion 4. Growth - 3 months - 2 million - 4th convention - notables attending See a - Shepherd Tourner bill b - cable act c - Norris bill to regulate packers d - Lehback bill reorganizing civil service women equal pay e - app. com. to their study coal industry f - Voygt filled milk bill Legislative council in Wash. 14 Women's nat organ. B - State - educational a. U. Va conference + extension work first in U.S. b. Governor efficiency conference c. children's code commission - 18 out of 26 laws adopted d. Questionnaires to candidates to make them think e. complimented by noted men for suggestions f. Our state Pres. on board to report on simplification laws C - local accomplishements Norfolk market - registration of women - first citz. schools - [aulencanizations?] carnival etc effort to make women think, old women who had never voted, etc over