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Notables attending Nat. Convention 7 - Mrs. Catherine Waugh McCulloch of Chicago, National legal adviser of W.C.J.U 9. Mrs. Emily Newell Blair , Nat. Dem. Chairwoman 10. Miss Ruth Morgan of New York, head of the international committee on co-operation to prevent War 11. Mrs. M.H. Paige of Minneapolis, member Minnesota Legislator 4. Judge Florence Allen of Cleveland - Justice of Supreme Court of Ohio, a famous judge + at same time a womanly woman. A leader of simple sincerity + genuine worth, the embodiment of the aims and ideals of the Nat. league of W. Voters. The first women ever to be elected judge of a court of common pleas + the first ever to preside at a first-degree murder trial. She is a credit to modern womanhood. She represents that great-thinking body of women who are lending intelligent aid to social + civic betterment. The League of Nations - the great experiment Jury duty + telling the truth are both hobbies of Judge Allen 6. Dr. Kate Waller Barrett of Va, head of Amer.Legion Aux etc. 8. Mrs. Maud Wood Park - we stand for equality of the sexes not identity 2. Secretary Hoover 1. Lord Robert Cecil - explaining + defining the League of Matrons 3. Mrs. Strachy 5. Mrs. Prrichot - Mrs. Harriet Taylor Upton