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Women Voters? If there are 164000 colored women over the age of 21 years in Va: how many colored men are there? If these colored women would control about 30 counties in this state if they had the vote, do the colored men of those counties control the vote there now? If not, why not? It can not be that there are no colored men in those Thirty counties, can it? "Some folks who talk much of woman suffrage" think more of its possible operation for the advancement of Va. than they do of the possibility of colored women in any number being able to control any counties of Va! colored women forsooth! you flatter them beyond belief. Or, 2 you are thinking of the possible resurrection of the carpet bagger & his tricks? If so, my friend, you are forgetting the presence of the white woman voter. In the thirty seven years women have been voting elsewhere, there have been never been any carpet bagger tricks put over them. Nor have they been guilty of using such tricks to obtain their ends. You need to get better acquainted with the personnel of the folks who talk much of woman suffrage.