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For Wednesday's Ledger Dispatch The first meeting of the new Norfolk Equal Suffrage League formed by the consolidation of the former Equal Suf. of Nor. and the Merrimac Leagues, to be held in the Suffrage shop on Granby St at 4-30 o'clock Thurs. afternoon promises to be one full of vital interest. The new president will be seated, the nominating committee will report nominations for the offices of vice-presidents, secretaries, treasurer and auditor, and nominations from the floor for all these offices will be received. It is hoped everyone in the city interested in Suffrage will be present. For Tuesday's Ledger Dispatch The amalgamation of Norfolk's two Suffrage Leagues with an entire new force of officers, we hope marks an epoch in the history of Norfolk that will be felt throughout the future. The consolidated membership now numbers about six hundred. It is known that there are hundreds more in the city who believe in Woman Suffrage & will gladly join the new organization. The State membership is over 6000. Elsewhere the Suffrage work is the most popular cause espoused by women.