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Equal Suffrage League of Norfolk MRS. CHAS. E. TOWNSEND, PRESIDENT, 245 W. FREEMASON STREET NORFOLK, VIRGINIA 1ST VICE-PRESIDENT MRS. W. J. ADAMS 601 COLONIAL AVENUE 2ND VICE PRESIDENT MRS. G.L.P. STONE U.S.S. RICHMOND, NAVY YARD REC. SEC'Y MRS. L. C. MATHEWS 146 9TH STREET COR. SEC'Y MISS KATHERINE WICKER 345 DUKE STREET TREAS. MISS FANNIE L. GOLDSMITH 704 WESTOVER AVENUE ASS'T TREAS. MRS. M. A. HARTIGAN, JR. 16 STRATFORD APARTMENTS HONORARY VICE-PRESIDENTS: MISS ELLEN DUVAL MRS. BARTON MYERS MRS. CAREY WESTON fragists. The drinking girls and women in cafes and rathskellers are never suffragists. Equal Suffrage States show a record of more marriages, less divorces, more babies born and less death rate than the records of states that have only man-suffrage. Were this local organization larger there might be enough loyal workers left in the city to carry on the work as it is being done in many other states. The Membership Committee has planned a fall campaign that will greatly increase its numbers. The plan is to canvas the city by wards and precincts and blocks with captains and lieutenants and aids. Provided with cards on which are printed places for name address and remarks, they will ask each person the question, "do you believe in Equal Suffrage" yes or no? To those who answer No, nothing more will be said. Those who answer yes will be invited to join the local League. Those who are indifferent or interested will be offered instructive literature on Suffrage and invited to attend the meetings. No one could possibly object to this, and we believe it will be the means of enrolling on our membership cards thousands who now honestly believe in Equal Suffrage for men & women. The importance of the number of enrolled membership was keenly felt when we heard it had cast the balance in the minds of our representatives, who voted in the last Legislature against the Woman Suffrage Amendment. Both our Norfolk delegates assured me they believed in the principle - that undoubtedly we had right on our side, but