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Mrs. Herman Aspegren Sunny Court North Shore Point Norfolk, Va. March 27, 1937 My dear Miss Thompson: I wish to apologize for my tardiness in answering your two letters concerning the history of the Equal Suffrage League in Portsmouth. I have very vague recollections of what happened while I was a member of the Portsmouth League, though I was very interested in the work and helped all I could. My life was very full, [illegible] a large family of young children. And when we moved away from Portsmouth in 1922, I did not keep any records I might have saved. The same seems to apply to Mrs. W. Flournoy x) one time president of the League, to whom I turned after receiving your first letter. Miss Zadie Smith, teacher in Portsmouth High School, promised to try to write up some incident of the Suffrage fight but so far x) Mrs. W. L. Flournoy 428 North Str. Portsmouth, Va.