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1920 House. Pulaski. Booth, Robert C. Farmer Reported by Gilmer as rather hopeless. M.E.P. [Mary Elizabeth Pidgeon] Interviewed fall 1919 by M. E. Pidgeon. says "I am not as opposed as some." "Willing to see people vote on it. Far as I can commit myself, now." Had not heard from Mrs. V. Thinks majority of women opposed. Had heard from Mrs. Meredith and wrote as above about people voting. Strong anti-saloon man. Thinks women w'd [would] have voted dry.. Mrs. Painter reported to M.E.P. that Mr. Gilmer says Mr. Booth will be all right on this question. Mr. Gilmer says it was Mrs. Gilmer that said this. 1919 1920} M.E.P.'s list Mountain Counties "Favorably doubtful. Report from Gilmer that he'll be O.K."