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[imprinted letterhead] Fortress Monroe Virginia on guard with a traffic squad at the entrance of the camp. If there was one automobile to come here there was ten Thousand. They were so thick that we had to stop then [them] from coming from within a distance of one mile from camp. Teddy Roosevelt was a visit yesterday at the camp as well as was thousands of other folks. We had a hand full trying to get traffic straight and keep it straight. I had a letter from Louise Stokes and the Darnells are leaving Lake Pontacong to-morrow to return to the city. I havn't [haven't] been over to see them yet nor have I been over to the city ay [at] all. Most of the officers have been, excepting the captain and I. But we will take it all in some day soon. I am going over to Darnell's Wednesday night. Well this is all the dope that I have at this time so I will have to close, Love to all From Frank.