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Veterans Administration Washington 25, D. C. Office of the Administrator of Veterans Affairs DEAR FELLOW VETERAN: I congratulate you upon completion of your service in the armed forces and for your part in bringing to a conclusion a two-front war which resulted in the unconditional surrender of the Axis Powers. Having been appointed by the President as Administrator of Veterans Affairs, I want to state generally the provisions made by our Government for you and other veterans. Among the benefits that you may be entitled to are compensation for disabilities, hospitalization, home, farm and business loan guarantee, readjustment allowances, insurance rehabilitation and vocational training, educational courses, assistance in obtaining employment and provision for your dependents. Eligibility for each one is dependent upon the facts in the individual case. If you are interested in any of these provisions, you should write or contact the Veterans Administration office nearest your home. For your convenience, there is, on the reverse of this letter, a list of the Regional Offices with the address of each office. I feel I should warn you the last deduction for your Government insurance premiums has been made from your service pay. This means from now on you must make these premium payments directly to the Collections division, Veterans Administration, Washington 25, D. C. DON'T LET YOUR INSURANCE LAPSE! YOU OWE THIS TO YOURSELF AND YOUR FAMILY. I assure you that the Veterans Administration stands ready to serve you. Sincerely yours, Omar N. Bradley OMAR N. BRADLEY, General, U.S. Army, Administrator.