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from any other source during the guardianship of the land Richard M. Scott, which came to his hands in the hands and control of any person for his use or by his order; and also an account of the expenditures of the said Richard M. Scott in the management of the said estate & the maintenance and education of his said wards; and further report an account of any sum or sums of money which may have been due and owing by this said Robert Marshall to Richard M Scott since said Robert Marshall reached his full age of twenty one years. & when & how such indebtedness accrued, if any; and that he report such other matters pertinent to the said suit which either party may request; and that said Commissioner be at liberty to apply to and obtain from the clerk of this court such process as may be necessary to obtain the testimony of any witnesses necessary to be examined by him in the prosecution of the above inquiries, and to send for books and papers; and that said Commissioner do report his proceedings under this order at least thirty days previous to the next October Term of this Court, if by such time said accounts and inquiries can be completed.