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William H Foote v Lucinda Scott} In Chancery

The deposition of David Minor being first duly sworn-- deposeth and sayeth that on the day of 1834. William H Foote and James Irwin called on this deponent who was acting as deputy marshal and enquired whether any arrangement could be made by which a negro named Townsend who was then in the Jail for the county of Alexandria could be delivered into the possession of said James Irwin. The deponent was informed by Mr. Irwin that he had purchased said negro-- the person here alluded to is the same sold by Mrs. Scott. The deponent suggested that if Mr. William H Foote would dismiss his suit against Mrs Scott, there would be no dificulty in giving Mr. Irwin possession this Mr. Foote declined as he said he had other objects in the Bill which he had filed. And in consequence of Mr. James Irwin processing an order from W H Foote requesting this deponent to deliver over the negro to Irwin and said Irwins giving the Marshal a Bond of Indemnity, and other documents which the deponent has in his Possession, he considered himself bound to deliver said negro Townend to the said Irwin and accordingly did so. And further this defendent sayith not. D Minor Sworn to in open court this 5th day of Nov. 1834. Edm. J. Lee CC