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Bush Hill 28 Aug. 1831 Dear Robert, I have just recd yours of the 26th. If I [illegible] conveniently advance you the sum you [request?], to enable you to go into Trade, my request for your interest, would induce me to withhold it, you have now got property enough to make you independent, if you will take Care of it, and even to make you rich if you will improve it by industry and economy, I therefore advise you, not to hazard the loss of it, by advertising it in [illegible] of what you have no knowledge, and which has ruined many who have engaged in it. When I See you again, I will Speak to you, more fully on this subject. Mean time, by [letting?] you [illegible] an [illegible]. and your little [nephew?] this day 2 yrs old but [illegible]