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1812 Oct 4th to cash $10"00 1813 Jan 5th to cash 15"00 Apr 4th to cash for milly 02"00 July 6th to ditto 03:00 Sept 12th to cash 05:00 Oct 3th to ditto for milly 03"00 Nov 23th to cash 20"00 Dec 17th to cash 10"00 $68" 1816 Jan 9th to cash for milly 03"00 June 3th to cash 25"00 Aug 20th to cash 20"00 $48 Brd up 60 1814 room 14 cash 15 $131 The above sum of one hundred and thirty one dollars has been furnished by R M Scott and laid out by me for Robert & Eleanor D Marshall children of P E Marshall between 4th October 1812 and 14 Novm. 1814 and [illegible]