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2 I can not call to mind any circumstance from which I could date the commencement of the said trading. He has, since my recollection lived in about 2 1/2 miles of my fathers house. Question by same at what time did you first learn from Mr Taylors conversations with you that there was a partnership with him & your father in negro trading? Answer- The only consevation that I can point particularly to was the one above refered to, on my way to the South. I have heard Taylor in speaking of his arrangements, prior to that time, speak of them in connexion with my fathers name - from which I infered that a partnership existed Question by the same. Was not the negro trade, some years past, injurious to many persons engaged in it, by the fall of prices, & bad debts, and do you not know that Mr. Taylor has suffered largely in such losses as these? Answer. At the time when I was in the south, negroes sold high and I thought for good profits I do not know what has been the extent of Mr. Taylors losses, or whether he has lost at all. All men engaged in trading I suppose make some bad debts. Question by same Do you know anything of loans of money obtained by Mr. Taylor of the Bank at Freds & also by Mr James Blakey in which Blakey & Colo Hill endorsed for Taylor & Taylor & Colo Hill for Blakey? If yea, whether Blakey has not failed in payment in part or in whole for said note, leaving his endorsers liable for that debt? Answer. I have understood that moneys had