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in any way whatever Answer I did Question by Plaintiff what gave use to such conversation Answer - Because if there had been any execution levied I should have known it & James C. Mitchell was afraid that there had been an execution livied previous to my buying the negroes. Question by the same Did you or not promise him J.L.C. Mitchell that you stand between him and all damages Answer No I did not as I recollect as I did not consider such a promise necessary Further this deponent sayeth not Jas W Green

By the consent of the parties- they been both present [illegible] untill Wednesday the 26th at 8 oclock the deposition of Matilda Mitchell taken at the same place on the 26 day of March 1985 This deponent being first sworn deposeth and saith Question by defendant Were you or were you not present when James W Green bought two negro boys Lem & Aurthur of Mr. A. Mitchell is so state what time and all you know about the transaction