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THE COMMONWEALTH OF VIRGINIA To the Sheriff of Halifax County, Greeting: YOU are hereby commanded to summon Geo H West Admr. of Edward Donohoe dec'd, Wm Gill, Betsey his wife late Betsy Donohoe, Wm Bates + Nancy his wife late Nancy Donohoe, Wm Anderson & Susan his wife late Susan Donohoe, Thomas Donohoe + Jonathan B Stovall to appear at the Clerk's Office of our Circuit Superior Court of Law and Chancery, for the County of Halifax, at the Rules to be holden for the said court, on the first Monday in October next, to answer a bill exhibited against them in the said court by Nancy Donohoe and Patsy Gill and unless they shall answer the said bill within two months thereafter, the Court will take the same for confessed, and decree accordingly--And this they shall in no wise omit, under the penalty of £100. And have then there this writ. Witness, William Holt, Clerk of our said Court, at the Courthouse, the 9 day of September 1846, and in the 71 year of the Commonwealth. William Holt