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The deposition of John Tinsley Taken at Charles & Lewis [illegible] on the 16th of March 1841 agreeable to notice to be red as evidence in a suit depending and undetermined in the Circuit Superior Cort of Law and Chancery held for Franklin County in which John t. {illegible} Sheriff of Franklin & as such adm's of William McCormack Dec'd is Plaintiff and Anderson McCormack is Defendant. The deponant after being first Sworn deposeth & sayeth That in Relation the negro girl Matilda in Controversy between the parties that in the fall of 1819 that William McCormack and John McCormack {2 lines illegible} with them cald at my house saying that they had been at Canutts sale those Persons before mentioned was skeeming of there Interest in Canutts Estate and also how they came by the negro girl and what she cost they said she had not come out of Canutts estate though was auctioned by John Canutts and {illegible} off William McCormack at a bond Six Hundred Dollars. I understood from them that there Interest in part pay for the said negro girl and the ballance that was owing for said girl was about three hundred and thirty or some odd Dollars and that William McCormack give his bond to John Canutts