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for that {illegible} on twelve months Credit with his son John as his Security they ast me how they should act so as to keep William McCormack safe under the above circumstances as it was there intention to do so and also William McCormack intention to give them there Interest which was coming from Canutts Estate with the addition of one hundred acres of his own land of his Estate as there Protection of his own Estate which land his three first children was then in possession which was Anderson McCormack John McCormack and Frances Showalter under the acknowledgement of the above named as taking of it for for there probation propotion of land of there fathers Estate. They the Parties above named seemed anxtious to Secure there father of the Purchase money of the ballance which was going to Canutts the above thre children of William McCormack Concluding that they were imbarist it was there best polisey for all partes for the Ould man to higher the negro to one of the Children and the ould man kept his in possession untill the Commencement of the next year he then Got her {illegible} at auction at his house and she was higherd to John in the year 1820 the above I understood from John and Anderson McCormack in the year 1821 I moved to live within a quarter or a half mile of John