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and in that year Anderson came by my house and Told me he wished to purchase John's interest in the said negro girl he returned and told me he had done so and that the trade was to be Closd on the next Saturday and prest me to come over with John accordingly we done as and after returning there Inbarist chances to the negro girl they came to an understanding and the trade was closd and Anderson was to take her without any recorse on John. John McCormack afterwards told me that Anderson had paid him up every cent of the purchase Question by the Defendant Anderson McCormack. Did you or did you not understand from Wm McCormack that whenever the above three children paid off the above bond to Canute's that they were to have the above named negro girl Answer. that was the understanding. Question by the Same. Was your Present when she was higherd to John. Answer. I was not. Question by the Same. did you ever heare Henry or Jos. Showalter say what they was to give my father for the above named negro girl. Answer. I heard them boath Say that they was to give one hundred pound for her and one Child.