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Question by the Same. did you ever heare the Showalters say that they had taken Security for the rights of the girl Answer. I heard Henry say last {illegible} that for fear he had Taken Security for the right. Question by the Same. did you or not ever Heare either of them Say whether they higherd the Girl of me or my father Answer. I heard Henry & Jo Showalter say that Anderson McCormack made affiliation to them for the lone of some {illegible line} for the use of the money and that they let him have the money after the ould man agreeing to it and that the higher was afterwards Titled with Anderson McCormack and I heard them say that after the negro was purchast by them that the money was Titled by William McCormack for which they had advans'd to Anderson out of the Purchase money Question by Joseph Showalter Did you or did you not ever heare Anderson McCormack say that he was to buy William McCormacks Bond to the Canutes for the Purchase of the girl or he would not have any claim to her. Answer. I heard him acknowledge it hear today in presents of this Crowd (Turn over)