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purchase of slaves on the joint-account of himself & said Ivey, & in paying the expenses of the negroes while here. The negroes purchased by your Complainant were the following viz Jack, George Miles William Sheppard, William White & a negro woman named Lizzy - the aggregate cost of whom including their expenses amounted to about four thousand five hundred dollars. These negroes were all shipped to Louisiana consigned to the said Ivey on the joint account as aforesaid - viz Jack George & Miles & the negro woman Lizzy on the 30th Octr.1838 on board the schooner Choctaw Capt Norton & William White & William Shepherd on the 28th Jany 1839 on board the schooner Pelican Capt Festress. These slaves all arrived safely & were duly received by said Ivey. The woman Lizzy was soon after sold by Ivey for a considerable advance on her cost [illegible], which amounted to $450 - The men before named were hired on account of your Complainant & Ivey in Louisiana at large amounts until some time in the summer of 1841 & then sold at great sacrifices by said Ivey to pay debt for which this Complainant was in no wise responsible or in any way concerned. Your Complainant farther alleges that he became the surety for the said Ivey on a bond to one Jno Jordan which was afterward assigned to James F. Henderson. On this bond the said Ivey & your Complainant were sued, judgment obtained against them & an execution of capias ad satisfaciendum thereon issued. This execution was served on your Complainant only, who in [illegible] of his body tendered property of his own, which was redelivered to him on his executing a forthcoming bond. - the amount due on this bond your Complainant issued in March 1841 amounting to the sum of $125.30 The above judgment was obtained in the Circuit Superior Court of Law & Chancery for the County of Norfolk at Novr. term 1841. At the June term 1840 of the same Court a judgment was rendered against the said Ivey in favor of Wilson Williams: on this judgment an execution of capias ad satisfaciendum was issued against the said Ivey who tendered property in [illegible] of his body which property was redelivered to him, on his entering into a forthcoming bond with your Complainant as his security. This bond was forfeited, judgment on it awarded against your Complainant which judgment your Complainant paid in March 1841 amounting to $218.24. At the same term (last mentioned) of the same Court, judgment was obtained against said Ivey in favor of [illegible] G Brown guardn of Jesse B Brown. On this judgment an execution of capias ad satisfaciendum was issued, the said Ivey arrested, & in consideration of his body he tendered property which was restored to him on his executing a forthcoming bond with your Complainant as his surety. This bond was also forfeited & judgment thereon awarded against your Complainant - The amount due on which viz $114.28 your Complainant paid in March & your Complainant claims them as fair charges against Ivey in a final settlement with him. Your Complainant farther charges that in Septr 1838, your Complainant shipped on board the Brig Adams bound to [blank] forty three pieces of Timber which were afterwards sold by said Ivey & the proceeds converted to his own use. For this timber said Ivey recd upwards of $ [blank] & he has never accounted