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5. widow Catharine B Baylor. His heirs at law are his infant children viz Anna Maria Baylor, Alexina Baynham Baylor Thos Gregory Baylor Elizabeth Baylor, Robert William Baylor & Richardetta Baylor - all under twenty one years of age . `Your complainant farther charges that the said Henry S. Alimand the trustee in the deed of 30th Octr 1838, having decd the County Court of Norfolk at its January term 1845, on the application of said Jury appointed Jno. S Millson Trustee en stead of said Allimand with such power & authority to forfeit the trusts created by said decd. This was after your Complainant had taken the oath of insolvency & transferred his interests to said Sheriff of Norfolk County. Your Complainant was induced by Ivey to consent to the appointment of said Millson in place of said Alimand & by the belief that thereby no injustice would be done to him or his creditors, but on the contrary that it was a proper measure to preserve the property until a final settlement of the accounts between Ivey & himself could be effected, he being unaware of the true state of the accounts between Ivey and himself Your Complainant is an uneducated man incapable of reading or writing & having at the time confidence in said Ivey that ample justice would be afforded him as a just settlement of the transactions between them, he did not hesitate to sign the answer which was proposed by the attorney of Ivey in which his consent was given to the substitution of the said Justices or Justice in place of said Alimand. How cruelly he has been disappointed in these expectations the report will show. Your Complainant charges that the said Wm. N Ivey has failed to render any just account of the sales & hires of the said slaves