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& to come to any just settlement of the accounts between them, but taking advantage of the deed of trust aforesaid, & the substitution of said Millson as trustee caused him to advertize & sell in July 1845 certain portions of the property mentioned in said deed, at which sale said Ivey himself became purchaser at most [illegible] prices - Your complainant charges that a negro woman Amy & her child was bid on by said Ivey at the price of $220. At the sale Miles Portlock as agent of Ivey was present & made representations to the by standers inducing them to believe he was bidding on these negroes for the Complainant, & thus Ivey obtained them at the low price aforesaid. Your complainant farther charges that said Ivey afterward took possession of said slaves, & has since removed them out of the Commonwealth. The prices of said land [illegible] [bid?] is for Ivey, viz the price discounted as purchased of Harrison G Banks at $600 & the price described as purchased of Haggard at $70 - both of these prices together with Amy & her child have been conveyed to said Ivey by said Millson at the sum of $800. Your complainant alleges that the real value of said lost slaves was $2000 or more - Thus without being indebted to said Ivey at all, but with a considerable balance due to your Complainant by said Ivey your Complainant's property has been attempted to be sacrificed. Your orator charges that this consent as the part of said Ivey & the sales were a fraud on his rights & the rights of your Complainants creditors, & your Complainant craves the interposition of this court to set aside the sales of said pieces of land, to make said Ivey settle a just account with him according to the true intent of the parties when the deed of trust to Alimand was executed, & to account for the real value of Amy & her child. The said Wm. N. Ivey has lately removed from Virginia to Louisiana & is now a non resident of this Commonwealth, the said Miles Portlock is his agent in Virginia & as such is possessor of said two pieces of land bid in for Ivey, & is now attempting to dispose of the same - In tender consideration whereof & as your complainant is without relief in the premises except by the act of a Court of Equity where matters of this nature are properly cognizable, he prays that the said Wm. N. Ivey, John S Millson, Miles Portlock, Catherine B. Baylor administratrix of Richd. G. Baylor, Anna Maria Baylor, Alexina Baynham Baylor, Thos. Gregory Baylor, Elizabeth Baylor Robert William Baylor & Richardetta Baylor the six last infants under the age of 21 years children & heirs at law of the said Richard G. Baylor, by some person assigned guardian to defend them in this suit, Samuel Watts & Anna L his wife, Francis Brock, David M Walker & Sarah M Shepherd executrix of Smith Shepherd decd. may be made parties defendants to this bill & may answer all & singular its obligations on oath, as specially as if particularly questioned as to each of them, & say if they be sure if not in what particular they are false & what the truth in that particular really is, not contenting themselves with bare negations, that the said Wm. N Ivey may be compelled to settle an account of the copartnership relating to the slaves before mentioned, as sent to Louisiana & their hires, in which the said Ivey & your Complainant were jointly interested, also [the?] & the true nature of said slaves & hires, that all just credits may be allowed to your complainant & for the money paid by him for