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said Ivey & all sums recd by Ivey on account of your complainant, that said Ivey & Miles Portlock may be restrained from disposing of the two tracts of land aforesaid, that they may be reconveyed to your Complainant. That they be compelled to account for the rents of the same, that said Ivey & Millson may be restrained from selling any other portion of the property mentioned in said deed, that the balance due to your complainant by said Ivey may be made liable to pay the claims of the creditors entitled to it, under assignment created by taking the oath of insolvency aforesaid by your Complainant & the balance paid over to your complainant & that he may have all such other & farther relief in the premises as consists with Equity & the nature of his case Chandler & Wilson & R E Taylor for complt

[vertically] Williams vs { Bill in Chy Ivey & al

Williams vs } Bill. Ivey &c

1846 May R. filed " " {May R.] ad pub vs Ivy " " Wm G Howland apptd Guad ad litem to inft defts.