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To the Honorable Richard H. Baker Judge of the Circuit Superior Court of Law & Chancery for the County of Norfolk - Humbly complaining shews unto your Honor your Complainant Thomas Williams, that heretofore he exhibited his bill in Chancery in your Honorable Court against Williams N. Ivey, John S. Millson, Miles Portlock, Catharine B. Baylor admx of Richard G. Baylor decd. & Ann Maria, Alexina, Thomas Gregory, Elizabeth, Robert William, & Richardetta Baylor, the six last infant orphans of Richard G Baylor decd. Samuel Watts & Ann L. his wife Francis Brock, David M Walke, & Sarah M Shepherd executrix of Smith Shepherd decd. setting forth the various matters alleged in said bill - To this bill certain of the defendants made answer &c and at the April term of the Court in the year 1847, leave was asked & obtained to amend the said bill, &c. And now your Complainant by way of amendment respectfully represents, that the slaves named in the said bill, as owned jointly by the said William N. Ivy, & your Complainant and who were sent to the South, viz George, Jack, Bill Shepherd, Bill White & Mills, were employed by said William N. Ivy, in the operations of the concern of Sanford Ivy & Allmand & that the said George was employed for 14 months & 1 day, Jack for 13 months & 18 days, Bill Shepherd for 13 months & 6 days, Bill White for 6 months & 11 days & Mills for 22 months & 25 days, and your Complainant does further allege that the said slaves did actually make together of time, an aggregate of 70 months & 2 days, of working time, computing 26 working days to a month. And your Complainant by way of further amendment to said bill