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I Sheet 3 9 When the accounts between Williams and this respondent were finally stated which was done by William Reid as the mutual friend of both parties in August 1845 this respondent allowed $20 per month for the hires of Jack George Bill Sheperd and Bill White and $15 for the hire of Mills for the times in which they were actually employed (and for which he was allowed) which times are shown by Exhibit No 19. filed with the depositions in this cause taken on behalf of this respondent. This rate of wages for the said negroes having reference to the average rate received by him for all his negroes was more than a fair proportional hire for the said negroes when their capacity and qualification for the particular work in which they were employed as compared with the peculiar and great capacity and qualifications of this respondents own negroes already named and he insists that the sum thus allowed was a fair allowance under the circumstances of the case and as much as could be claimed. The sum allowed for said hires was $1024. a deduction being made for expenses incurred by this respondent in Attorney's fees & Commissions [for?] the recovery of said hires, This respondent further answering says that it is not true as charged in the Bill that he has failed to render any just account of the sales and hires of the said slaves and to make a just settlement of the accounts [illegible] the said Williams or that he has been disposed to take the smallest advantage of the Plaintiff. The depositions of William Reid and John S. Nellson taken in this cause on behalf of this respondent and to which he begs leave to refer will amply refute the said charges. It is true that this respondent was desirous in January 1845 after Williams had taken the oath of insolvency & when it was apparent that Williams would be largely indebted to this respondent upon a settlement of the partnership accounts to avail himself