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Williams had gathered his crop in the fall of 1845 he instructed his Agent Portlock to take possession of the said tract of land but the said Williams refused to surrender possession and thereupon he sued out a writ of forcible entry and detainer and recovered judgment for the possession of said tract and the said Portlock as Agent of this respondent was formally put in possession thereof by the Sheriff of the County as will appear from a copy of the record herewith filed - But notwithstanding this the said Williams has since contrived to keep your respondent out of the possession thereof and has actually threatened the life of the said Portlock or of any other person who should attempt to enforce the rights of this respondent by taking possession of the premises. This respondent would further state although the fact is not charged in the Bill that on the 20th day of September 1845 the said John S. Millson as Trustee sold another negro belonging to the said Williams and conveyed by the deed aforesaid which was purchased for this respondent by his Agent Portlock for $225. to wit a negro girl named Hannah daughter of Amy then about 7 years of age, charging this respondent for his said purchases. The whole amount received by him out of the Trust fund of the said Williams is $1100.50 which sum he has applied as a credit to the said Williams on account of the balance due him which balance as appears from the account filed with Reid's deposition Exhibit No [6?] was $1290. This respondent refers to that deposition as being fully explanatory of the said account. He regarded it as a settled account between himself and the said Williams and relies upon it as such - but if the said Williams shall persist in opening the said accounts & this Court shall decree that the same shall be restated he will then claim the right to have the said accounts corrected for errors against him - And more especially he will claim