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The Answer of Miles Portlock to Bill Exhibited against him and others in the Circuit Superior Court of Law and Chancery of the County of Norfolk by Thomas Williams This respondent saving and reserving all exceptions &c for answer unto so much of the said Bill as he is advised it is material for him to answer [illegible] answers and says That in the month of February 1845 he was employed by William N. Ivy who was about to leave the State to act as his Agent in superintending a sale of the complainants property then about to be made by John S. Millson as Trustee in fulfilment of the provisions of a certain deed of Trust executed by the said Williams and referred to in the Bill - That he attended the sale and purchased for the said Ivy the negro woman Amy & her child at the price stated in the Bill and also purchased for said Ivy the tracts of land mentioned in the Bill and at the prices therein stated. But this respondent utterly denies that at the said sale he made any representations to the bystanders to induce them to believe that he was bidding for the said slaves for the Complainant or that he did any thing at the sale or at any other time to prevent the fairest and fullest competition. After the sale this respondent hired Amy to Williams by the month until Captain Ivy should return from the South and upon his return said Ivy took possession of said Amy & her child and carried them to Louisiana - This respondent as Agent as aforesaid also purchased from the said Millson as Trustee in the month of September 1845 negro girl Hannah aged about seven years child of Amy for the price of $225 he thinks (but the price is accurately stated by Col Millson in his deposition in this cause) which was more than she was worth by at least $40 but Ivy was desirous to purchase her as that she might not be separated from her mother - The price paid for Amy & her child was very little if any in the opinion of this respondent below their real value -