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The joint & several answer of Anna Marie Baylor, Meainor Baylor Thomas G. Baylor, Elizabeth Baylor, Robert William Baylor & [illegible] Baylor infant orphans of Richd. G Baylor decd by William J Howland assigned by the Court their guardian ad litem to defend them in this suit to a bill and amended bill in Chancery exhibited against them & Wm. N Ivey & Miles Portlock & others by Thomas Williams in the Circuit Superior Court of law & Chancery for the County of Norfolk These respondents saving & reserving the benefit of all and every exception to the bill & amended bill, in answer to so much thereof as it is material for them to answer, say that they have no personal knowledge of the various matters in controversy stated in the said bill & amended bill. They admit themselves to be the infant orphans of Richd. G Baylor decd & requiring full proof of all matters to affect them & relying upon the protection of the court of their interests they being infant orphans. They conclude their answer by invoking the same - Wm. J Howland Gua[r]d: ad litem Inft: Defts: