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Williams vs } decree Ivey &c

This cause came on this day to be finally heard on the papers formerly read & the order of the Circuit Court of Norfolk County made on the 10th day of October in the year 1850 recommiting the report of the Commissioner before made pursuant to decree entered on the 13th April 1849 to the same Commissioner and upon the report of said Commissioner made pursuant to said order of recommitment, returned and filed on the 1st day of March 1852, and on the exceptions taken by the Counsel for the Complainant & Counsel for the defendant William N. Ivy to the last mentioned report, and was argued by Counsel, by consideration whereof the Court overruling said exceptions as with those of the Complainant as also those of the defendant Ivey [Ivy] to said report and confirming the Commissioners report last made, and being of opinion that the defendant Ivy is indebted to the Complainant in the sum of one hundred & ninety dollars & twelve cents as shewn by statement marked D reported by the Commissioner & being also of opinion that the defendants inform the parties Samuel Wates & Ann L his wife, Frances Brock, David M. Walker and Sarah M Shepherd executrix of Smith Shepherd decd, judgment creditors of said Thomas Williams whose executions the said Williams took the oath of as insolvent debtor & whose claims appear stale to be unpaid (the late Sheriff of Norfolk County Richard G. Baylor being dead at the institution of this present suit) on plaintiffs in fact, and entitled to the money recovered, doth adjudge order & decree that the said Williams for the benefit of said creditors recover from the defendant Wm. N Ivy the before mentioned sum of one hundred & ninety dollars & twelve cents, with interest thereon from the 1st day of April 1852 till payment. That John M. Drewry Sheriff of Norfolk County who is hereby appointed receiver for that purchase receive the same from the defendant Wm. N. Ivy and out of the same pay first the plaintiff Williams costs in this cause