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he came not, soe wee departed vp a little higher vp the River, and on the Second of August this king came aboard vs about noone; accompanied wth 40 or 60 Indians. After he had sate still awhile, wch they are wont to doe vpon the ground, he then told mee I was welcome into the Countrey, and that he came to see me wth desire to make peace wth me in regard he vnderstood by an Indian yt I was a good man, and that I had preserved him from the Minquaos, who would otherwise have slayne him, and wthall asked if wee had any trucke, He also presented mee wth two Otters skinnes, and some greene eares of corne, excusing himself that he had no better present for me, in regards ye Minquaos had lately harrowed his countrey, & carried much beover from him, & his subiects, and that the rest they had trucked away to the Hollanders, who had lately bene there. I told him that I was sent thither by a great King in Europe, namely the King of England and that I came thither to discover that Countrey and to make pease wth them if they desired to embrace it and yt if they would soe do, I would defend them from their enimies, he was very ioyfull to heare this, and desired me to tarry two dayes there, for he would bring thither another king, wch was his