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1917 Sept. 22. Large open air meeting. Speakers---Miss Rebecca Hourwich, N.Y. and J. C. Duke.

Sept 26 A meeting of the board was held at Mrs. [Sophie G.] Meredith's home, the chairman presiding. Members present were, Mrs. Meredith, Mrs. McCrone Mrs. [Lucy Catesby Jones] Flannagan Mrs. [Della E.] Hooker, Mrs. [Dorothy Tait] Urquhart, Miss [Julia Somerville] Jennings & Mrs. Percy Read [Marion Gould Thorp Read]. A letter was received from Alexander Forward secretary to Governor Stuart promising an interview with the Governor for Miss Maud Younger on October 4. Arrangements were made for the luncheon to be given for Miss Younger at Murphy's Thursday, October fourth. A letter was read giving an account of discrimination against suffrage pickets imprisoned at Occoquan work House. Among the pickets is Mrs. Walter J. Adams [Pauline Forstall Colclough Adams] of Norfolk. A letter was read from Dudley Field Malone and filed by Sec'y. Adjourned to meet Oct 2. to report luncheon tickets. Marion T. Read, Sec'y.