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113 forty new members had been secured during Miss Greiner's stay in Norfolk. Miss [Nell] Mercer of Norfolk read a list of twenty six organizations which had passed resolutions demanding the passage of the Federal Suf. Amend. and stated also that many signed petitions had been sent in. Dr. [Helen Love] Bossieux 3rd Vice Chairman spoke of the "Floating population" of Hopewell but said that there were about twenty five members in the Hopewell Branch. Dr. Davis the chairman had returned from Staunton. Dr. Bossieux reported that she had written many letters, (150,) to the President, Vice President Congressmen and senators and others, and had sent 43 telegrams; had also made fifteen parlor speeches besides sending many articles to the press. The report of the Legislative Chairman, Miss J. S. Jennings [Julie Somerville Jennings], and also her report as Membership chairman were read by the secretary and were received with applause, and a rising vote of thanks. The Secretary was instructed to convey to Miss Jennings the appreciation (and action) of the Branch. Upon motion it was unanimously voted