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Albemarle County Court Joshua Burrus complains of Stepney a free negroe in custody for theis that whereas the sd defdt on the day of in the year at the parish of & County aforesaid was indebted to the Pltf in the sum of £90 for one negroe slave named before that time sold and delivered by the sd Joshua to the sd Stepney at his request & he the said Stepney being so indebted in consideration thereof afterwards to wit on the day of in the year at the Parish of & County aforesaid promised the said Joshua that he the sd Stepney would pay the sd Joshua the said sum of £90 whenever required. And whereas also the sd Stepney afterwards to wit on the same day & year at the parish & court aforesaid in consideration that the sd Joshua had before that time sold & delivered to him the sd Stepney one other Negroe slave then & there promised the sd Joshua that he the said Stepney would pay to the sd joshua so much money as the sd last mentioned Slave was reasonably worth it the time of the sale & delivery thereof whenever required And the sd Joshua avers that