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118 Ozeana, Va. The Second Council meeting of the Angel Visit Baptist Church was held on the above named date with the pastor Rev W.A. Young presiding. The meeting was opened with a prayer by Dec. J. I. Long. The minutes of the last meeting were read and adopted. The moderator then called for the trustee report concerning the brick verning [veneering] the church. the pastor stated the S.R.B. Asso. would be held at the First Bapt. Church Tapp. [Tappahannock] on July 22-24th. He also asked for the necessary arrangements to be made. On motion by Dec. J.I. Long we would [respent?] S.R.B. Assoc. Motion was carried. On motion by Mr. Wm. Gresham we would send 25.00 to the Assoc. Motion was Carried. On motion by Mr. Geo. Hill we would send two delegates to the Assoc. Motion was Carried. It was agreeable for the trustee board to the apoint the del to the Assoc. At this time the moderator [illegible] the arrangements for our Annual Home Comming and Rally day 2nd Sun. in Aug. On motion by Dec. J.L. Long we would us the same method Motion Carried. On motion by Dec Paul Tompkins we would ask the women to give 10.00 and the men 20.00 Motion Carried. it was moved we would except [accept] the new trustee namely Mr B. Bayton Motion was Carried.

119 Mr. Wm. Gresham reported 7.50 for two graves. The meeting was closed with prayer by the pastor Rev. W.A. Young Susie E. Cannon