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To E. B. Hill the sum of thirteen hundred Dollars as my security to James Garnett on a note, bearing date the 28th day of September 1838. Witness the following signatures & seals Thos. T. Hill {seal} Jas G. Field {seal} State of Virginia Culpeper County to wit I Rich'd Z Field a Notary public for the County of Culpeper do certify that Thos. T Hill & James G. Field whose names are signed to the writing hereto annexed, bearing date the 19th day of September 1860 have acknowledged the same before me in my county aforesaid Given under my hand this the 19th day of Sept 1860 R. J. Field N.P. Clerk's Office, Alexandria County Court, Sept 22d, 1860 This Deed, was received in the Office, and having been acknowledged, before a Notary Public admitted to record Teste: B. H. Berry Clerk