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This Indenture made this [blank] day of April 1824 between Richard Harrison of the County of Amherst and John Alexander & M H L Tab of the County of Campbell of the other part. Whereas the said Richard Harrison has heretofore been required by the County Court of Campbell in Chancery sitting in the case of Richard Harrison vs George D Williams & Co to give better security for the prosecution of the injunction awarded in said Case. And whereas the said Court considering the inability of the said Harrison to give personal security ordered that he should give the best security in his power to wit a lien upon all his personal & real estate incumbered or unincumbered and whereas the said Harrison is willing by these presents to comply with the said order by giving the lien aforesaid. Now this Indenture Witnesseth that for and in consideration of the premises and one Dollar in hand by the said Harrison rec'd of the said Alexander & Tab, at and before the ensealing and delivery of these presents, the said Richard Harrison has this day bargained & sold and doth by these pres bargain and sell unto the said J Alexander & Wm L Tab the following property to wit. the balance of a tract of land purchased by the said Harrison of David Garland lying in the County of Amherst and adjoining the land of Wm Wingfield and others, one tract of land containing fifty acres lying in the County of Nelson adjoining James Ramsay & others one moiety of a tract of land lying in the County of Amherst on the waters of Pedlar river and adjoining the lands of R Harliss and others one [illegible] Island containing 3/4 of an acre near Trents ferry, Two lots in the town of Leeksville one fourth of forty acres land lying in the town of Blakely, the said Harrison