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To All whom these presents shall concern, Know ye that J Burger Ball of the County of Lancaster and parish of Christ Church, for and in consideration of the sum of five shillings current money of Virginia to me in hand paid by Henry Armistad Esquire of the said County of Lancaster and parish of Christ Church , the receipt whereof I do hereby acknowledge as well as for divers? other good causes and affectionate brotherly considerations me hereunto moving have given granted confirmed bargains and sold and by these presents do give the following negroe slaves: A house wench Rachel with her three children Joe, Derrin, and Dominy; also a house wench Hetty with her four children Sikey, George, Moses, + sully; also a house wench Judy; also an out wench Cate with her two children Sarah + Sam, also an out wench Jenny with her four children Winney, Manual, Jenny + Nanny together with weaver Sarah, to have and to hold the said negroe slaves and their increase all being and living at present in the aforesaid county of Lancaster, unto the use of the said Henry Armistead, his executors, administrators and apsigns forever. And I the said Burger Ball for myself my heirs, executors, administrators and apsigns, do covenant grant promise and ague with the said Henry Armistead his exectors, Administrators, and apsigns the above mentioned negroe slaves against me my heirs executors administrators and apsigns and against all and every claim and claim of all and every person whatever shall and will forever warrant and defend by these presents. In [Witness?] whereof I have here unto set my hand and affixed my seal in the colony of Virginia these the Eighteenth day of March in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and seventy seven. Signed, sealed, acknowledged + delivered in the presence of: John Taylor John Selden Michael Ball James Gordon Burgers Ball