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This indenture made & entered into between Wm W Stokes of the first part, William Stokes & William L Stokes of the second part and Jas C Williams of the third part the [tressett?], that the said William W Stokes in order to secure the above William Stokes & Wm L. Stokes in becoming his security in a bond executed on the 21st day of June 1841 by the sd Wm W Stokes to Anthony Saunders for the sum of $75.00 has granted bargained sold & delivered to the said James C Williams the property to wit: all his growing crops of corn, oats & flax, one plough & gear, riding saddle & bridle, car saddle & collar, two shovels & 1 spade 1 pitch form, three axes, 3 wedges, two [illegible] & cradles, 2 gruling hoes, 3 weeding hoes, & all his interest in negroes Jim, & Amanda here on the present year, to have & to hold the above described property upon this special condition, that if the said William M Stokes shall fail to pay off & direct [illegible] the debt above mentioned with all interest & costs that may attend it whenever required to do so, then & in that