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if Mde Cloche knew of anything. She thinks that her friend Mde [Andsbon?] may have a vacant room. I hope he will be able to get in with her. She is very pleasant & talks in english. This afternoon Mde Cloche & I went over to have tea with la famille & on the way over we stopped by to see about having some patients of the dyspensary moved to the hospital. We stopped by their "home" & I wish you could see how the poor classes live. The family of father, mother & two children all live in one room which is not much better than a cellar. All cooking & washing has to be done in the little hole for which they pay 25 francs (nearly $5.00) a month all four are sick & will have to go to the hospital tomorrow. The mother is in bed with fever & was weeping. Said she'd prefer to die in order to escape such a miserable life. I'll write you again tomorrow or next day sweet. A toi, D