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This indenture made this 11th day of March 1844 Between John Wilson of one part, Stephen S Dueguid of another part and Celia Wilson of the third part, This indenture witnesseth that the said John Wilson being indebted to Celia Wilson in the sum of two hundred & twenty-five dollars money loaned and also for the further consideration of one dollar to him paid by the said Dueguid and being anxious to secure the said Celia Wilson the said sum doth hereby sell & convey to the said Duiguid the following property, to wit: three cows & calfs, three feather beds and furniture, plantation utensels, Kitchen furniture and an interest in a negro man called Scipio and also one thrashing machine to have and to hold the aforesaid property free from the claims of all & every person, or persons forever. Upon the following trust: Nevertheless, that should the said John Wilson fail to pay the debt, herby intended to be secured after twelve months from this date it shall be the duty of the said Stephen S Dueguid upon request of either of the parties to sell the said property upon giving ten days notice of the time & place of sale by advertisement in the neighbourhood for cash, and out of the proceeds of sale to pay the said sum of two hundred, & twenty five dollars with interest to the said Celia Wilson, and the remainder of the proceeds if any, after paying the expense of carrying this Deed into effect to pay over to the said John Wilson or his representatives; should the said John Wilson pay off the debt aforesaid then this obligation to be null & void, In testimony whereof the partis have set their hands & seals the day & year first within written John Wilson {seal} {seal}