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Jenkin Meeting house August 21st 1858 At the regular monthly meeting on Saturday before the 4th Lord's day immediately after the exercises of the pulpit were closed, The church was called to Order by the moderator, and the following members were present, Viz: Elder T. E. Reynolds, brethren J. D. Jenkin P. E. Sanderson, Isham Parker, Willis Anderson, T. W. Ruckmon, John Sanderson, Alpheus Meadory, Nelson Talley, H. W. Griffith, J. E. Minter, B. P. Dunkum, Robert Anderson, Wm. B. Merryman, Richard Anderson, Charles A. Merryman & O. J. Reynolds__ After the reading of the minutes of the last meeting, the moderator directed the Clerk to read "The rules of decorum" from the record___The committee appointed at the last meeting to report on the subject of Taxation for ministerial support and other church expenses, submitted the following "That they consider the principle of taxation and representation is not only the true principle