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1870 requiring absentees to appear before the same shall be made in writing. It was resolved by a vote of the church that the standing committee on assessment &c. be & are hereby constituted as a standing committee to prefer such charges as they may deem in accordance with the spirit of the foregoing resolutions. Nov. 5th Committee reported today the following brethren under resolution. James W. Reynolds, James Edwards, Willis Sanderson & P. E. Sanderson. By vote of the church it was ordered that the church clerk send a written dismissions to the brethren reported. John S. Adams Clerk Pro Tem. Dec. 3. Report of Committee in case of bro. A. W. Hawkins was favorable received & committee discharged " On motion of bro. J. J. Ballou the following resolutions were offered & unanimously adopted. 1st Resolved that the resolutions passed at our last meeting relative to absence of members from the duties & privileges of this church, be, and are hereby restrained for the following resolution.  !st. Resolved, that the standing