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& wife to Cumberland Baptist Church 18th Nov. 1871 On motion of bro. J. S. Adams the following resolutions were offered & adopted. Resolved &c. That article the first of the amendment for church government, shall stand amended or read as follows. Viz: That a committee of five be appointed whose duty is shall be to engage the services of a pastor at the 1st church meeting in October of each year (insuring the date hereof) and submit their division to the vote of the Church. A majority of which committee shall constitute a quorum for business. This committee shall see each member & secure their names as far as they can to the following agreement. We the undersigned members of Cumberld. Baptist Church do, bind ourselves to pay the amounts we may annually annu. or order to be annexed to our names for the support of a pastor & other incidental church expense. J. S. Adams, Edwin Gilliam, J. D. Jenkins, W. W. Dunkum & J. B. Godsey Committee appointed to carry out the foregoing resolutions report we [can?] engage the service of Elder J. C. Perkins to