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& W. W. Dunkum in case of brother A. V. Hawkins continued until next meeting. On motion of bro. J. J. Ballou, amended by bro. J. B. Godsey & unanimously adopted, Resolved & c. that Cumberland Church hereby declares all its officers vacant, except the office of pastor. On motion made the following brethren were unanimously elected as officers of Cumberland Church Viz.: J. B. Godsey, Clerk, Nelson Talley, Jno. S. Adams, J. B. Godsey, Willis W. Dunkum, R. J. Meador, Edward Gilliam & William J. Talley, for deacons & Jno. D. Jenkins for treasurer

               "     " that brother, Elder J. C. Perkins is requested by this church to state from the pulpit on tomorrow if by him occupied, the action of the church today with [illegible] to its former officers & to make known who are the present officers of the church.
                               "  " that any two of the deacons of this church are hereby authorized to purchase of Wm. Robert Page at fair remuneration 1/4 acre of land on the north side of Cumberland Church to held