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1873 Oct. 26st. Sunday morning church met, bro. J. D. Jenkins actg. moderator, On motion made the vote for a pastor to preach for us another year was taken & resulted in the unanimous election of Elder J. C. Perkins our present pastor to preach two sabbath in the month at a salary of $250.00 to be paid quarterly & raised by a general assessment of the membership agreeable to their apparent ability to pay. On motion made brethren, Geo. C. Brown, Jno. O. Reynolds, Jno. D. Jenkins, J. J. Ballou & M. V. Hawkins were elected as a committee to asses & see each member as assessed to ascertain if they are willing & will pledge themselves to pay the amount with which they are assessed. Said committee are to meet at the office & bro. Reynolds on Monday the 3rd. Nov for assessment, & report the result of their mission to the church on Sunday morning Nov. 9th 1873. J. B. Godsey, Clerk

Nov. 9th Committee reported, failing to raise amt. salary by satisfactory assessment on membership it was agreed that [two? ]of our membership Viz.