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1875 Augt. to Oct. The following persons have been received into full fellowship of Cumberland Church by Baptism Viz: W. L. D. Meador, Joseph Fuqua, Miss. Nannie E. Reynolds, Miss. Mollie Johnson, Everell F. Johnson, Mrs. Narissa F. Hudgins, Mrs. Roberter J. Ransom, Charlie T. Stratton also Henry T. Ransom & Richard S. Baughan reinstated having once been baptized & members of this church received also by letter from Mount Zion Baptist, Bro. Geo. T. Wilkinson, sister Jane H. Wilkinson, sister Sarah F. Wilkinson & bro. William D. Wilkinson.

J. B. Godsey, CC Nov. 28th At a regular convocation of Cumberland Baptist Church this day, Present Eld. J. C. Perkins, Mod, brethren, L. T. Meador, Ed. Gilliam, M. J. Meador, A. B. Jenkins, J. D. Jenkins, W. W. Dunkum, P. E. Anderson, Joseph Fuqua, J. J. Ballou, J. S. Adams, G. T. Wilkinson, A. Farris, J. M. Price, L. P. Apperson, William Fuqua, Nelson Talley, J. C. Talley, Jesse D. Parker, J. B. Godsey & sister N. W. Fuqua. After the reading of minutes last meeting. Eld. Perkins