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To all Christian people, before whom these presents shall come Greeting, know ye, that I John Poulson of the County of Accomack, in the State of Virginia, being fully convinced, that all human Nature, has an equal & Just claim, to to the enjoyment, of personal liberty, have emancipated, discharged, & set Free & by these presents, do emancipate, liberate, & discharge, my several Negro Slaves, To Witt [Wit], George, the elder, Peter, Joe or Joseph, Rose, Charlotte, George, the younger, Narma, Susey, & Jenney, and also Daniel Copes so far, as my Title in him may be, to Say (one half of him) & In as much, as the introduction, of the above mentioned Negroes, into Society makes a Second Name, conveniently Necessary, for the better assertaining, their Individual Identity, from other Negroes, which has or may be manumitted - I do hereby annex the Name of [blank] as a Second Name to each of their respective first Names, (except as to Daniel Copes) - And I do further for myself, & my heirs forever, ratify, release, grant & confirm unto the aforementioned Several Slaves, or Negroes, & their heirs forever, all and Singular, my right, claim, or Interest, of in, & unto any property, or demand, which I have or may have, in any of them reserving only to myself, and my heirs, the right of holding such, as are under lawfull age, for and during the Term of such Non age. In Testimony whereof, I have hereunto Set my hand & Seal this 28th day of May 1790. John Poulson (Seal) Signed Sealed & acknowedged In presence of us } [blank]